MIL03 – HMAS SYDNEY – YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN – In Honour of the 645


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Much is still not clear on the sinking of Sydney, but this Tragic loss of all 645 men is still one of our greastest naval looses, Sydney was a 'Light Cruiser" and was mainly used in escort duties throughout the war, and freqently sailed from Fremantle WA.
On 11th November 1941 , Sydney escorted a troop carrier "Zealandia" to the 'Sunda Strait", they arrived there without incident on November 17th 1941.
After handover "Sydney" started her voyage back to Fremantle, Sydney was due back in Fremantle on about 20th November.
Nobody had heard from the Sydney and it was now 23rd November 1941, Sydney was reported to give a report signal incase she was in radio silence, but alas not siginal was ever received.
The reconstruction of Sydneys last days and events are from interrogations of German survivours of the "HSK KORMORAN' which is now known had a battle at sea with the Sydney on Nov 19th 1941, and were the Sydney was sunk in this battle approx 130 miles west of Shark Bay WA.
The moving piece of Maritime history is Tribute to each and everyone of the 645 members of the Sydney crew, all 645 names are written on the print as a mark of respect.
This piece is endorsed by the "RSL" (returned services leauge)and the "Royal Austalian Navy" and is accompied by a COA (certificite of authenticity), this piece comes beautifully framed approx size is 940mm x 885mm

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