CRICKET12 – Steve Waugh signed limited edition Test Match Shirt


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Size 1200 x 1200 x 100mm approx.

The most formidable Test match side in world cricket took to the field in Season 2001/’02 with a striking new look.

A bright new sponsor caught the eye, but most significant was the introduction of distinctive player markings… On the right sleeve the player’s initials are embroidered, but of extra interest and excitement for collectors was the player’s ‘cap number’ stitched into the fabric beneath the Coat of Arms.

The Australian Test match shirt complete with these unique signifying marks was made available to collectors for the first time.  This was the only edition ever to be released of Steve Waugh’s Test match shirt.

Please note, this is not ’supporters garments’, this is the actual Australian Test match shirt. Like the sacrosanct ‘baggy green’, the genuine Australian Test shirt had never been available before. The only way to acquire one has been to win selection in the Test team! Special clearances were obtained for permission to offer collectors this Australian icon – complete with the ACB’s Coat of Arms.

The Test match shirt is fashioned by Fila, the official supplier and is the exact same shirt and size as worn by Steve Waugh in Tests complete with new sponsor markings and the distinctive signifying marks introduced by the ACB in the 2001/’02 season… The Test shirt features the number 335 beneath the Coat of Arms which is Steve Waugh’s unique cricketing ‘fingerprint’ meaning that in December 1985 he was the 335th cricketer to be selected to play for Australia. Also featured are his initials on the right sleeve.

A Stunning Display

The arresting design marries a clean modern look with warm traditional elements.

Diamond-polished plexi-glass a full 10 millimetres thick is encased within a walnut-finished timber case to achieve a real ‘gallery’ effect. A plexi-glass backing houses and protects the shirt which falls naturally within its space and without any obvious clues to its suspension. The design allows you the choice of displaying against a wall, or suspending from the ceiling.  The hand-crafted case measuring a full 1.2m square and 10cm deep. Also showcased is a mounted tribute featuring photography along with a written tribute.

Personally Signed

This special collectable release features one of the most revered and recognizable icons of Australian sport. Fully authorized by the Australian Cricket Board, just 335 editions are available. Each edition is individually hand-signed by Steve Waugh. A handsome, numbered ‘Certificate Of Authenticity and Limitation’ from the independent accounting firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers accompanies each edition. 308/335.

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