BOXING02 – Muhammad Ali & Micheal Jordan Limited edition print


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Muhammad Ali & Micheal Jordan Limited edition print

"The Greatest"

This limited edition print pays tribute to 2 of the Greatest Sporting Athletes and sporting Legends.

Ali was a 3 x Heavyweight Boxing champion, and an Olympic Gold Medalist and was one of the most charismatic
and respected athletes of all time.

Micheal "MJ" Jordan is still regarded as the greatest Basketball player and one of the World's greatest athletes, MJ was a 5 x
NBA Champion for the Chicago Bulls, 2 x Olympic Gold Medalist, and 4 x NBA most valuable player.

This awesome limited edition prints features and lovely Black & White image of these Legends, plus has on each side in writing
a brief history of there career highlights, and has facsimile signatures of each Legend.

Print comes custom framed and glazed and ready to hang, approx size 1020mm x 570mm

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