ATHLETE16 – “Muhammad Ali” & “Michael Jordan” The Greatest Ltd Etd print


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"Muhammad Ali" & "Michael Jordan" The Greatest Ltd Etd print

Ali & Jordan are regarded as 2 of the Greatest Athletes ever seen in modern sport.

Muhammad Ali was a 3 x World Heavyweight boxing champion and a Olympic Gold Medalist, and was regarded as one of the
most charismatic & respected sportsmen ever.

Michael Jordan was a 5 x NBA basketball champion with the Chicago Bulls, plus a 4 x NBA most valuable player, plus a 2 x Olympic Gold Medalist.

This lovely Black & White print "The Greatest" features images of the 2 Legends plus a facsimile signature, plus has some of there career statistics
and story.

Print comes custom framed and glazed and ready to hang, approx size 1020mm x 570mm

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